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Tower Bridge Genuine traditional English Food

Tower Bridge Genuine Traditional British Foods 

beef and chicken home made pies
british pork pies
british bacon
british bangers pork sausages

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Tower Bridge Genuine Traditional British Foods

Tower Bridge has been providing the expatriate and tourist in Northern Thailand with genuine traditional English "pub grub" for the last 20 years. Our "Pub Grub" can be found in many restaurants between Chiang Mai, Pia, Chiang Rai and Phitsanulok, also in five of the six Rim-Ping Supermarkets in Chiang Mai.

Wholesale orders may be placed by telephone during the following times 08.30 - 09.30 and 14.00 - 18.00.
Orders placed after 09.30 hrs will be delivered the next day.

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 13.00. in Chiang Mai City, other deliveries can be made via public transport. Currently we provide in the Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Phitsanulok area:


Tower Bridge Genuine Traditional British Foods does not deliver to private homes only to restaurants and bars, individuals may pick up items directly from the factory (see address below), at wholesale prices.

>>Saturday / Sundays - major holidays closed <<



Steak & Kidney Pies, Steak & Onion Pies, Beef & Onion Pies, Shepherd Pies, Pork Pies, Chicken & Mushroom Pies, Chicken & Vegetable Pies, Cornish Pasties.

Fruit Pies:

Apple, Apple & Blackberry

Bacon Products:

Wiltshire Bacon, Back Bacon, Streaky Bacon, Bacon Bits, Bacon Burgers and Gammon Steaks.


Old English Sausages, Sausage Burgers.


vegetarian Cornish Pasties, Curried Veg, Veg Pies.


Pickled Eggs, Pickled Onions, Beetroot, Homemade Brown Sauce.

Christmas Specials:

Christmas Puddings, Mince Pies (vegetarian), Brandy Butter.


Faggots, Potatoes with Mixed Vegetables & Gravy


Welcome to Tower Bridge Genuine Traditional British Foods


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note: Prices may change without notice

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Tower Bridge Traditional English Food (Pub Grub)

Steak & Kidney Pies, Steak & Onion Pies, Beef & Onion Pies, Shepherd Pies, Pork Pies, Chicken & Mushroom Pies, Chicken & Vegetable Pies, Cornish Pasties and vegetarian Cornish Pasties, Wiltshire Bacon, Back Bacon, Streaky Bacon, Bacon Bits, Bacon Burgers and Gammon Steaks.